The Brand

Wild Desert Co. was founded in July 2021. This brand was born to elevate the Fashion standard. Our favorite thing is to bring the funnest, chic-country style straight to you because we love making all our Wildest Babes out there feel their best and look the best in the room! 
Our Jewelry Collections range from affordable high-quality Faux pieces to Native Handmade Authentic pieces. All our peices are Handpicked from USA sources, made to be rotated in your wardrobe or worn everyday, that will stand out & last. Every piece features either Silver-plated, Stamped Sterling Silver, or Burnished Silver-plated. All collections are Nickel & Lead free. We encourage passing down your Authentic Turquoise collections in your family, as each turquoise piece truly becomes more rare each day.
Our ultimate goal as a brand is to help YOU feel empowered by loving what you wear and feeling amazing in it! We are the hardworking Cowbabes, Wifey's and Mama’s that rock but don't take the time to reward ourselves enough. 

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You work so hard at life and Wild Desert Co. Brand hopes to work even harder to bring you looks to make you feel amazing! THANK YOU for all you do, supporting WDC & giving back and rocking it everyday.